Pennsylvania experience

Hi! My name’s Tina Haig. I am a member of the women’s soccer team at Tusculum University and a nursing major in my sophomore year. I am from the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If I wanted to, I could drive 25 minutes and be in the city. I love where I’m from and the city of Philadelphia all together. (Go Eagles) 

I went through 12 years of the Upper Dublin School District, a public school district in Fort Washington, PA. My experience with school was pretty typical, 6 years of elementary school, then 3 years of dreaded middle school, and finally 4 years of highschool. There were different levels of classes throughout the whole time, the average level classes, below average, and the above average, or advanced classes. 

My first experience that I remember with a standardized test was in 3rd grade. It was called the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). My teacher spent weeks preparing us for the test and constantly emphasized how important it was that we do our best on it. Now that I am older I realized that this was for funding purposes however, in 3rd grade, I just remember being so nervous to take this test because I didn’t want my teacher to get angry with me.